Up To Speed: Maintaining Your Car

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There are many people who don’t realize that owning your own car comes with certain responsibilities. There are so many of us that send the car in for a service and thoroughly expect to get charged the moon on a stick for a couple of brake pad replacements. Owning a car comes with so many different costs, that it feels like I’ll learn something new about my car and that it needed something it didn’t need the last 5 times. So, what can we do to keep our car maintained well? In doing some research on the many ways to cut down on car expenses, there are some very simple methods for keeping your car up to speed.

When it comes to the oil, check it and change it regularly. This will make the engine last a lot longer.

In terms of a car’s cleanliness, it is entirely subjective, but there are specific trouble spots that can cause grime and dirt to stick, namely the underside of the car, as well as more obvious spots like the tires. So make sure that you hose it down regularly, especially if you drive in cold climates where road salt and grit is used.

The transmission and differential oils need to be changed. While they don’t require servicing on a frequent basis, doing so in between service intervals is best. In order to find out what transmission fluid you need, either do your research or find out the viscosity. If you really are not sure, never guess it. And never set to work on the car yourself. You are much better getting the help of a professional instead of ruining your car, such as Adtec Auto, or a reputable mechanic that will know your car better than you know yourself.

Making sure the coolant and the cooling system are changed on an annual basis is a must. The trick is to make sure the balance ratio of coolant to distilled water is right, and is usually 50/50. This will stop the buildup of deposits.

Lubrication is essential to the mobility of a car, so lubricate anything with a moving part, like the ball joints or the U-joints.

To maintain the interior plastic, make sure that you park your car out of the sun. Other methods to stop the interior plastic from drying up include using UV protection and a window deflector screen.

To maintain the wheels, use wheel bearing grease. It is by no means cheap, but it will be cheaper than replacing the hubs and spindles.

Bleed the system and make sure to replace the brake fluid every 12 months. Moisture is the enemy of mechanics and making sure that you reduce it where you can helps to reduce corrosion.

The final bit of advice is to wax your car. Doing it every six months helps to protect the paint, and it makes the car look great, and will keep your exterior maintained for a lot longer than you originally planned it to!


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