The Top 4 Driver Distractions

Focus is incredibly important while on the road but when you’ve been driving for years, it’s easy to get complacent. While you don’t have to spend every second in the driver’s seat like you’re taking your driving test for the first time, it’s important to make sure each journey is distraction-free. Just a few seconds of not paying attention and you could end up with anything from a close call to something far more serious. Distractions are all around us when driving – here are a few of the main culprits.

    Mobile Phone

An obvious first choice but still one of the most common distractions for drivers, despite it being illegal to be on your phone while driving in many parts of the world. It’s best to keep your phone out of your hands if you can. Bluetooth systems and speakers can allow you to make calls while keeping both hands on the wheel but don’t let the conversation distract you from what’s going on the road. Most importantly of all, no matter how much your phone is buzzing in your pocket, don’t open Facebook while driving – checking your likes isn’t worth putting your life at risk.

    Kids and Pets

It might seem unfair to lump both these two in one category but let’s face it – they’re both uncontrollable, messy and are likely to be a big distraction if something goes wrong. You might not be able to leave them at home but make sure they’re well-secured and that you can deal with any issues that might arise without taking your eyes off the road. If you can have someone in the passenger seat to look after them, even better. Giving your kids games, toys and things to do can also help quell any unruliness. While a pet cage can help keep your animal pals under control if they tend to be quite jumpy.

    Food and Drink

Sure, no one is going to begrudge you that hot cup of coffee and tasty muffin on your daily commute to work. But be careful – make sure your beverages are secured (especially hot ones) and if your food takes more than one hand to eat, maybe save it for when you can find somewhere to park.

    Your Own Mind

It’s happened to the best of us. After a long, hard day at work or during a long drive down a featureless highway, we let our mind wander and start to daydream before the car ahead of starts to break and we snap back to reality. It may be exhausting but it’s very important to keep full focus while driving at all times. By all means think, but don’t let your day-dreaming get in the way of your focus or cause you to lose an idea of what you’re doing. Our own minds can sometimes be our greatest distractions – don’t let yours lead you astray.

The road is full of distractions, both internal and external. It’s your responsibility to be vigilant and try to keep your drives as distraction-free as you can. If you do manage to get into a scrap, specialist legal professionals like the team at GC Traffic Lawyers can often advise you as to your best course of action, but the best cure for traffic incidents is always prevention.

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