Tesla Model S P85

While American motorists have been able to enjoy the Tesla Model S for more than a year, likeminded British motorists have had to wait until now to try out this unique car. They won’t be disappointed. Tesla have produced a capacious, luxury hatchback that boasts a large, yet sleek body and a comfortable, yet upmarket interior.

For the British market, the Model S offers something revolutionary, and it is not exaggeration to say it’s likely a harbinger of the future of automobiles. It’s the only mainstream electric car that offers a potential range of 310 miles between charges of its impressive 7,000 electric batteries. Though this potential can be realised, in real-world road conditions it will do about 260 miles. This lower estimate isn’t to be sniffed at — travelling that far without any exhaust emissions, without any of the compromises on speed and power, is somewhat of a miracle. The vehicle has huge power reserves to support its large size and healthy acceleration.

The Model S ‘s ride is smooth, even dreamy. Despite its high-tech credentials, it’s been designed for intuitive, comfortable driving. It is more than fit for those long journeys its robust battery power supports. It doesn’t require a hand-break, since the car applies one automatically while in Park Mode. What’s more, thanks to the car’s intelligent “regenerative braking” system, one hardly has to do more than control the throttle. The steering performs well on tricky corners. Of course, while its large size has many advantages, it does complicate city parking. This reality cannot be avoided, no matter how comfortable the steering, but it is somewhat mitigated by the inclusion of a reversing camera and sensor, which can be monitored on the car’s 17”, internet-ready, touchscreen display.

Maybe this all seems a little hyperbolic. But an electric car with no compromises on performance and stellar environmental credentials is admittedly a revelation. “What’s the catch?!”, I hear you ask. Well, the car is quite pricey. The relatively wide Model S range starts with a price tag of just over £50,000. The idea is that this investment pays off with savings on running costs. This is becoming more and more convenient, too, since you can use Tesla’s powerful Superchargers free of charge, and they’re growing in numbers across the nation. Plus, charging the battery overnight won’t break the bank! If you are in the market for a car in this price bracket, the level of luxury and the impressive performance of this car certainly make it a favourable option next to petrol and diesel rivals.

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