Review: Range Rover Sport SDV

In terms of design, the new Range Rover Sport is clearly a tasteful improvement on its heavier, clunkier predecessor. While it’s hard to pull off the charms of elegance and subtlety in a 4×4, Land Rover have made a strong effort with this rounded, elegant model.

As you would expect from a sport model, this car is impressively versatile and fit for intense off-road driving. This is partly thanks to features like its “Terrain Response”, which automatically adjusts the gearbox, throttle and traction control in order to ensure optimum traction.

The design team also kept one eye on comfort and reliability. It can seat seven, though the back two seats are only going be comfortable for children! When the back seats are folded down there is a generous 784 litre boot size, which is larger than the BMW X5’s but smaller than the Porsche Cayenne’s.

This four-wheel drive also glides around corners that were trickier for the previous models, and generally seems less over-bearing. What’s more, it can generate enough power to hit 62mph in 6.9 seconds. While this power isn’t unparalleled for cars of its size, it’s certainly sufficient to please customers. Plus, the eight-speed outbox improves the vehicle’s fuel economy due to the broader range of of ratios on offer at the higher gears.

Starting at £51,550, this car isn’t too expensive compared to other 4x4s of its caliber and is nearly twenty thousand pounds cheaper than the standard Range Rover. The entry-level model is certainly well equipped and doesn’t leave customers wishing they had purchased a higher model. A 3.0-litre, V6-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 258bhp output handles very well and won’t leave the driver feeling like a wuss! What’s more, customers that spend more and go for a model with a thirsty V8 engine face the added difficulty of the higher tax rate on increased exhaust gasses.

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