Mini Cooper S

The third generation of Mini Cooper S is here. Fans of the previous model will immediately notice the bulkier appearance of the car, with its bigger body and larger grille and lamps. With this change, BMW have been able to improve the functionality of their famous hatchback, giving those in the back seat more leg room and enlarging the vehicle’s luggage space. For some, this change might take this model further away from what they want from a Mini. But compared to other hatchbacks, it is still very compact.

While the car’s capacity to accelerate hasn’t advanced, it has increased power and torque thanks to a 2-litre turbo engine. This accommodates the car’s other structural changes and keeps it nifty. Also, the electric power steering system is noticeably quicker and there is increased front-end grip, all contributing to superior performance. Another sign of progress is the Mini’s boosted ecocredentials. The car’s CO2 emissions are now below 133g/ km.

Prices start at £18,650, which is a little more costly than its predecessor, but cheaper than rivals like the Peugeot 208 GTI, the Clio RS 200, and of course Audi’s A1. Plus, it’s possible to reach 50mpg with this car, making it all in all an economically efficient car. The basic model includes 16” alloys, a sporty three spoke steering wheel, sport seats with increased back support, airconditioning and bluetooth. As always with BMW, there is a long list of extras that can be purchased in order to upgrade the luxury and personalisation of the vehicle. Notable optional addons include a superior active safety system and variable active dampers. Though, many of the add-ons seem a little steep in price. For example, it will cost you £450 to have 17” alloys. What’s more, there are some superficial features that you may wish Mini had made optional, such as the stripes on paint job and in the interior or the adolescent display message “maximum go-kart feel” that pops up when you go into sport mode.

Overall, BMW have taken strong steps to elevate this generation of Mini Cooper above its predecessors and rivals.

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