Best Selling Cars of 2014

1. Ford Fiesta (131,254)
2. Ford Focus (85,140)
3. Vauxhall Corsa (81,783)
4. Volkswagen Golf (73,880)
5. Vauxhall Astra (59,689)
6. Nissan Qashqai (49,909)
7. Volkswagen Polo (48,004)
8. Audi A3 (45,581)
9. Fiat 500 (44,005)
10. Nissan Juke (39,263)

Throughout 2014, British consumers grew in confidence. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ figures suggest that car sales are 9.4% higher than the year before, which wasn’t exactly a bad year, and the highest they’ve been in a decade. In fact, by buying almost two and a half million cars, British consumers have boosted sales to the fourth highest they’ve been since our car sales records began. While we knew that a rise in sales was inevitable at some point—across a national market used cars and opting to not change your vehicle can only remain viable options for so long—this level of growth certainly comes as a surprise. It is predicted that this level of growth will slow and this year’s sales will only increase by a few percent, but that will still amount to a good year of sales!

What else does SMMT’s data tell us? 86% of the UK’s market is made up by imports and other than Germany we represent the largest market for new vehicles in Europe. One of the factors that explains this growth is the introduction of new, more fuel efficient engines, which make buying a new car a more economically sound investment than it has been in previous decades. Indeed it’s evident that efficiency and low running costs have become more important for consumers in every area of the market. Another factor relates to the fact that most of these new buyers have been assisted by some sort of financial package, such as “personal contract purchases”, where people lease rather than actually outright purchase vehicles.

Though more British-built cars could be doing better at domestic sales and follow the lead of cars like the Nissan at no.6 and Vauxhall vehicles at the firth and third spots, all in all this was a good year for the motoring industry in Britain.

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