Best Car Gadgets for Christmas 2014

Here’s a round-up of five of the best gadgets to put in the stockings of car lovers this Christmas:

1. TomTom GO LIVE 1005 5″ Sat Nav with World Maps

This is a top of the line satnav from TomTom. It’s fluid touchscreen is a bit on the small side at 5”, but its range of brilliant extra features more than make up for this downside. It has traffic updates and links up wonderfully with a variety of online functions, like finding shops, cafes or restaurants on Expedia. The route planner loads up as quick as lightening and its voice control interface is very good. Plus, if you’re going to be driving abroad, it’s the undoubtedly best satnav for you, thanks to its international map database that spans 66 Countries.

2. Pure Highway H260DBi DAB/CD in-car entertainment

Pure Highway H260DBi is one of the best DAB head units, and at £130 it’s good value too. This radio offers crisp sound, precise tone controls and stability—it gets the fundamentals down to a tee. On top of that, it has a competent CD player, a USB port, Bluetooth (which can sometimes play up) and a stylish design.

3. Halfords 12V Car Vacuum

At £28.99, this is a very affordable tool, but its low price doesn’t reflect its quality. It’s high powered, robust and gets into the smallest crevices of your car with ease.

4. Scosche reVIVE Dual Car Charger


If your gadgets run out of battery on long drives, Scosche’s small and easy to use Dual Car Charger is the perftect solution with two high-speed USB ports.

5. Garmin Dash Cam 20

Dash cams are growing in popularity as more and more people watch the youtube videos of people who have managed to capture fascinating things while driving. But, beyond their usefulness in situations where something wondrous happens, they’re also good for when things go wrong, where you may be able to prove your innocence or the guilt of other drivers in an insurance or legal dispute. The Dash Cam 20 is the leader of the pack when it comes to such devices, as it is easy to use, can record in 1080p, comes with a SD card that will allow you to capture at up to 4.8 hours of footage, has an in-built microphone, a decent size screen for immediate playback and a “G-sensor” that guarantees that your footage will be stored in the event of a crash.

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