Auto Express Readers Vote on Worst Cars Ever Sold in Britain

This week Auto Express revealed the results from their reader’s poll of the top 10 worst cars ever. The motor manufacturers responsible for these cars would probably prefer that these cars forgotten from the history books… They all have some combination of poor performance, pitiful handling and most of all, disgusting design and styling.


10. Austin Allegro Not the ugliest on the list and very much a creation of seventies Britain, the Allegro handled dismally.


9. Lada Riva The car was so uncomfortable and poorly produced and yet it somehow remained on roads from the seventies until the late nineties.


8. Morris Marina Similarly to the Allegro, this disappointing British car surely only flourished due to a paucity of options on the market at the time.

7. Suzuki X-90 Suzuki got a style that was already becoming somewhat of a caricature of itself, and took it too far. Far too far… Auto Express readers pose an interesting question — who thought that world wanted an ugly 2-seater convertible mini-SUV that couldn’t handle going off-road?!

6. Mitsubishi Mirage It’s a miracle, and not the good sort, that the forgettable Mirage wasn’t one of the cheapest car on the market.

5. Rover CityRover One of the newer cars on the list, the CityRover was a last ditch attempt by Rover to bring out a small car to take the place of the Metro, but due to poor build quality and its falling far behind the competition in key areas, this car failed its brief.


4. FSO Polonez Polish car maker FSO tried to access the British market with this cheap remodelled old Fiat design, but it was highly undesirable. This was down to it’s disaster of a bodykit and ugly colour scheme.

3. Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabriolet Another recent car, this surprisingly ugly, retro-styled creation was described as a novelty without the fun by voters. The bottom fell out when the already poor, Chrysler Cruiser got converted into a convertible.


2. G-Wiz This car—well, technically a “quadricycle”—has low running costs thanks to it being electric, but this doesn’t make up for it being an otherwise unsafe, sluggish and uncomfortable little beast.


1. SsangYong Rodius And the winner… or rather, biggest loser is the uniquely hideous looking Rodius. One reader compared it to a “melted hearse,” while others called for its destruction.

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