Road Trip: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

This trail flows through the island of Cape Breton, which is situated in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s just under 300 kilometres long and has the delightful combination of stunning natural landscapes and quant fishing villages. If you’re looking for mountains, woods, valleys, lakes and rare wildlife, this really is the road trip for you. You may even see moose, bald eagles and black bears, as they are all reside along this trail—it becomes even more likely in the northern section of the route, when you go through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This park is almost 370 square miles in size and has 25 trails for people to explore, so if you have time, it’s worth venturing in from the trail.

Cape Breton’s towns and villages have Gaelic and Acadian influences. One thing to try while stopping in them is the lobster, which you can find fresh in almost any restaurant. We had it at the beginning of our journey in a restaurant called The Bell Buoy Restaurant in Baddeck and our memory of this delicious experience has almost left the nearby Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in its shadow. Another highlight of this road trip is the opportunity to do some Whale watching in or near Pleasant Bay. We weren’t let down when we went on a “whale cruise” which departed from Chéticamp, an Acadian village with a charming boardwalk.

You’ll get the most out of your trip to this island in the summer time, but spring also works well. It isn’t a taxing drive and is less about your vehicle and the road ahead and is more about using these things to get a good taste of a truly remarkable part of the world. This road trip is great for everyone, but especially appropriate (in different ways) for those going on a romantic trip or families who want to find a comfortable way to connect with nature.

Image: “Cabot Trail, Cape Breton” by Andrea Schaffer on Flickr.

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